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Help us improve and have chance to get awesome giveaway

Update July 27, 2015: The Aug 1, 2015 is close to us, but it’s not quite easy to pick a strong contender for our awesome giveaway, as feedbacks we got are all well-thought-out and helpful to us. Let’s see who will join us with a whole year of DesignWall Dev goodness.

Please note the survey is open through out this year, so do share with us your feature wish-list, suggestion or feedback any time.

Update July 19, 2015: Within the first 24 hours since our survey started, we have received a large number of feedbacks from our beloved members and friends. And surprisingly, we even got significant suggestions from developers who have not used our products, a big motivation to our team indeed!As always, thank you for all of your great feedbacks so far.

This is a significant milestone for us and we hope to continue receiving feedback from you, our friends.

We would like to hear your views on our products!

For a couple of recent weeks, our team’s working hard to update our existing themes like DW Focus, DW Page and release new theme DW BrickStore. We are continuing with other theme updates at the moment.

We want to ensure that we’re delivering the highest possible quality to you, therefore we’d like your feedback on both our existing and upcoming products.

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DW BrickStore Changelog

DW BrickStore Update Infos

Changelog for DW BrickStore Theme (version 1.0.3)
Lastest update: 23 July 2015

1.0.3 =====

  • Add: infinite scroll for woocommerce products and blog pages
  • Fix: Class name for blurb not reflected
  • Fix: Can no change color of DW Brickstore:Blurb when selecting design as Square
  • Fix: translation string issue
  • Fix: Fix active menu effect on iOS (Safari)
  • Fix: Hidden content shown on search area

1.0.2 =====

  • Fix: [DW BrickStore Blurb Widget] unexpected space between the grid
  • Fix: [DW BrickStore Blurb Widget] URL is hidden when selecting colour in Primary
  • Fix: Hidden search area bug on Android OS 4.4.2
  • Fix: Slideshow bug in iOS

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WooCommerce theme

The Anatomy of a WooCommerce Theme: How to Choose The Right WordPress eCommerce Theme

Wonderful Free WooCommerce
Wonderful Free WooCommerce

With the recent release of the new DW BrickStore theme late last month, it seems like a good time to discuss the inner working of a successful WooCommerce theme. Specifically, what makes a good WooCommerce theme and what features should you consider to be important.

According to WooThemes, 29% of all online stores are now powered by the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. That’s over 8.6 million downloads and a pretty impressive number. If you’re one of the store owners who have decided to build your store using this popular framework, then the chances are you are also be searching for an appropriate theme.

There are a lot of options to pick from and even a few right here on DesignWall. In this post, we going to cover some of what makes a theme specific to WooCommerce as well as some of the most important features you should look for in an eCommerce theme.

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DW BrickStore

All New DW BrickStore – Responsive WooCommerce theme

UPDATE July 23, 2015: [New features] DW BrickStore blog and product pages now has infinite scroll feature added.

UPDATE July 16, 2015: DW BrickStore update version 1.0.1 has just been released, with 3 new page layouts added: classic homepage variant #3, Lookbook and Typography.

Changelog details

Today we’re proud to announce DW BrickStore, a brand new eCommerce theme to join our portfolio. DW BrickStore is a lightweight, flexible premium WooCommerce theme.

What is included in the BrickStore?

WooCommerce core integration

DW BrickStore features integration with WooCommerce core, make it ready for you to set up webshop quickly in minutes. As far as you are satisfied with WooCommerce ecommerce functionalities, DW BrickStore will give you flexibility on the frontend, while you can pick and choose the extensions you need to create the perfect backend for your store.

WooCommerce Ready
WooCommerce Ready

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