WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer v1.3.1 now available

In the version 1.3.0 of DW Question & Answer plugin, we have announced a significant change in how the plugin could be integrated into your WordPress site and work well with any WordPress theme. Though it made life much easier, yet it was not a perfect solution yet. Now in this version 1.3.1, we have included a quick update for it: a setting for choosing template for Single Question page is supported.

Besides, routine bug fixes are released in this version of the plugin as well. Let’s scroll down for details. Continue reading


Musician Valentin Guerin shows his web development skills with DW Timeline WordPress theme

This blog post by Valentin Guerin is a part of our WordPress Customer Spotlight section, where DesignWall users come and share their beautiful projects as well as their valuable development experience.


My name is Valentin. I’m a French trombone player and fire artist living in Austin, Texas. Most of my time is spent travelling around for my concert in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Finland and other countries.

You guys may be wondering what a musician would have anything to do with CMS, WordPress theme and those IT stuff. I can just say blogging and web development have become my second interest and sideline job as well. Continue reading


Why & How to wisely use WordPress plugins for your site

How often do you look at your WordPress plugin directory and ask yourself these questions: “Am I using too many plugins?”, “Are there any of them that seem excessive and should be removed?”, “Do these plugins affect my site’s security, speed or performance?”. If not, then I advise you to.

It can not be denied that WordPress plugins help adding up to our site’s functionality without altering much of the core structure. This is extremely useful for any non-coder out there who don’t want mess up with coding but still afford to add all kinds of nuts and bolts features to their sites. However, troubles come when we unknowingly integrate too many nonessential or even harmful plugins that may drag our site down. Continue reading


The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Due to WordPress being used to power so many different types of websites, it can be easy to overlook its more humble beginnings as a blogging platform. While WordPress is used increasingly as a CMS these days, with some predicting its eventual move towards being an app platform, for many bloggers it is and will always be their software of choice.

So with that in mind, it’s time to shift our focus away briefly from the eCommerce tools, and app themes that turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning business directories or social networks, and go back to the roots of WordPress with some great plugins targeted at bloggers that aim to help make them more productive, while also making managing their blogs an easier task. Continue reading


Solo Ingz & his thought on Responsive WordPress news theme – DW Argo

This blog post by Solo Ingz is a part of our WordPress Customer Spotlight section, where DesignWall users come and share their beautiful projects as well as their valuable development experience.


My name is Solo Ingz, a professional designer with 8 years of working experience based in England. For me, creating a website is not all about gaining audience and trying to earn a lot of traffic. I feel that every single website is a way we represent ourselves through creativity. That’s why I start off with the project:

Apart from designing, I also have great interest in social media, sports and apps. I love creating apps and coding games for smartphones. I tend to visit Starbucks everyday to get myself pumped off for all of my beloved projects. Continue reading