WooCommerce joins Automattic – The next wave of ecommerce?

Today, you all may hear of the big news in WordPress community from WooCommerce acquisition by Automatic, the parent company behind WordPress. The news was officially announced by WooThemes co-founders, Mark and Magnus and from Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg. Big congratulation to WooThemes team with their new chapter.

From WordPress user’s perspective as well as a web developer, we might have concern how this acquisition will impact the future of WooCommerce plugin and WordPress community. Would it remain community-oriented and free as before? Or even any change to the name WooCommerce under the new home?

It is too early to predict specific changes in WooCommerce roadmap in coming months and years. However, in the short term, a few things have been clarified by Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg.
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DW Simplex & DW Fixel minor updates

Our team have just conducted minor updates to our two themes DW Simplex and DW Fixel. Here are the changelog for your reference:

DW Simplex
= 1.0.6 =
* Fix: Fix Flickr Api bug

DW Fixel
= 1.1.0 =
* Fix: Next post widget compatible with modal popup
* Fix: Modal popup at category and tag page not working correctly
* New: Compatible with WordPress 4.2
* New: Option can exclude post from home page

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How to Set Up a RSS to Email Campaign for a WordPress Blog

Do you have an email mailing list working alongside your blog? If not then you definitely should think about setting one up. But, how do you going about doing so?

Thankfully there are plenty of options available when you are ready to start your email list or newsletter. You can compose the email content yourself, hire writers to do so, or maybe you can’t even think about starting an email campaign because your daily to-do list just won’t handle another task to accomplish.

If that last scenario sounds like something you can relate to, then this post will show you how you can start emailing out a list of your most recent blog posts to your subscriber mailing list, at regular intervals – all on autopilot.

By the end of this article, you will know how to set up an RSS to email campaign for your WordPress blog. This post will teach you how to use the RSS feed from your blog to create email campaigns, helping you to see why you can’t afford not to be working with an RSS-email combination.

Let’s begin by talking about why starting an email newsletter for your WordPress blog is such a great idea.
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Security Updates for our WordPress Themes & Plugins


WordPress has just released the latest stable version WordPress 4.2.1. You are recommended to update this version immediately to protect your site from a flaw that could allow remote code execution to gain administrative control without authorisation.

We are announcing a security update to both our themes and plugins due to WordPress 4.1.1 (and earlier) XSS vulnerability. Strongly encourage you to update to WordPress 4.1.2 immediately. There are probably a few of other plugins you use are affected too.
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How to install WordPress locally on Your Computer

Building WordPress themes and plugins locally is a huge time saver. Creating a local development environment is nothing complicated. As you probably already know, it is simply a web server running on your computer, as opposed to a remote one, which is usually a hosting plan you purchased.

Coding WordPress themes and plugins entails a lot of back and forth testing, as well as browser refreshing. Since there are no latency issues to deal with on a local server environment, you work through this process a lot faster than on a live server, where you have to wait for your network connection.

Moreover by developing on a local server, you give yourself ample room for mistakes. That is, you can make as many mistakes as possible and cause no harm whatsoever. This is different with a live environment since it typically hosts other websites and some mistakes may be unforgiving – especially those that may affect the security of the live server.

Furthermore, if you want to test out any themes or plugins, before adding them to your live website, having a local installation of WordPress to experiment on has its obvious benefits.

If you like the sound of setting up your own local server environment to install WordPress on your computer, then this article will highlight some of the best options. You will also find a walk through guide to setting this up with my service of choice.

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