Why You Should Use a WordPress Starter Theme for Your Next Theme Development Project

If you want to design and build your own WordPress theme, perhaps for your own projects, or to release as a commercial product, then a starter theme can save you a lot of time and effort, while also helping to ensure your creation is built on solid foundations. Today we will take a look at this type of theme, what they can be used for, and why you should consider using one.

When developing a custom WordPress theme, a popular shortcut and time saving option in the past has been to start with a well-designed but fairly plain looking theme, such as those that come with WordPress, and then remove any unwanted elements before adding your own code to create the design and layout.

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Using Jetpack Custom CSS for your WordPress site

Developed by guys at Automatic, Jetpack is a cool WordPress plugin that brings a lot features from WordPress.com to your self-hosted site on WordPress. I can name here a list of features that would make our life whole lot easier in managing our WordPress site, such as: Site statistics, Carousel for image galleries effect, Publicize, Mobile theme and so on. Seriously, lots of them are amazing and you should check them out.

In the scope this article, I will talk about one feature that we would highly recommend for our users to use, it is Custom CSS.

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heartbleed bug in OpenSSL

Heartbleed or Heartbreak: protect your WordPress site from the vulnerability

If you’ve been following up tech news recently, you must hear about “Heartbleed” security vulnerability already. Million websites has been marked as vulnerable to the attack and as security expert Bruce Schneier said in his blog “On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11”.

Heartbleed is a catastrophic bug in OpenSSL version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 Beta, a serious security vulnerability in the Internet history.

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WordPress showcase: beautiful Focus sites

Since we started calling out for WordPress site submission couple days ago, we are so glad to receive a lot of submissions from our users. We will check all the submitted sites and showcase them in our Blog section. This is not only about sharing, but learning as well. You or anyone can give honest feedback to sites’ author by leaving comments and we can all learn from that.

So here it is: our first showcase of WordPress sites and it goes for DW Focus theme.

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Showcasing your WordPress site on DesignWall

Howdy guys, how is this year going for you so far?

Well, I guess the title of this article speaks for itself already. We are looking to feature and showcase beautiful WordPress sites using our WordPress themes, either free or premium. Using our themes for your sites or client’s site, I guess you have twisted it, broke it, customized it to meet your needs.

It’s awesome to do so and yes we are looking forward to showcasing your works. Let the community see what you have come up with based from our themes collection.

Why should you be showcasing your site?

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