20+ Best WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Website Safe from Hackers

You may not think your site has anything worth being hacked for, but websites are compromised all the time. The majority of website security breaches are not to steal your data or deface your website but instead attempts to use your server as an email relay for spam, or to setup, a temporary web server, normally to serve files of an illegal nature.  Your website security is very important and you must keep your WordPress installation secured as much as possible. Just imagine what will happen if your website gets hacked; private info of you and your website users/customers will be stolen, and many hours of your work will be missed up with. So you must take care of your WordPress installation security. Continue

Top 15 Excellent Free WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress slider plugins help for improving look better for a site. A well-coded Plugin makes your work easy and helpful without wasting time. Sliders are one of the most effective tools to attract users attention to your important piece of content which is a slider. There are many of free slider plugins that provide a convenient way to display multiple images, video or other content on your website. So that choosing a suitable plugin for your web is not an easy task. That is the reason why today I’m here to give you the collection of 15 Excellent Free WordPress Slider Plugins 2017. Continue

15 of The Best WordPress Weather Plugins & Widgets 2017

Attracting a loyal website audience over time is one of the most important things to help your business succeed. And it is all about details. The more small but useful touches you can build into your webs, the higher the chances are that visitors will favor your site over others. One possibility that can be beneficially worked into a lot of different type of sites is providing weather information to your visitors by using a weather plugin. Sharing weather updates on your website is one simple and interactive way to increase the interaction and average session duration. In this article, I’ll introduce the ten best WordPress weather plugins. Before having a look at our selections, let’s take a minute to cover just why the WordPress weather plugins & widgets can be such a great fit for many sites. Continue

The Most Advanced and Powerful WordPress Security Plugins

wordpress security plugins

With nearly 60% of the market share, WordPress stands as the most popular, easy to use and reliable Content Management System available today. Having all the potential to grab the attention of many today, there is no doubt the software has been generating innumerable evangelists too. Growing exponentially, this CMS fosters more and more possibilities to anyone who would like to present their ideas. What makes it so well-liked? Well, the answer for this is, due to its wider collections of themes, functions, plugins, and above all the security aspects. Hackers today are determined bunches. To ease this out, WordPress keeps tightening its measures towards protecting its users and their websites. WordPress Security Plugins are developed with an intention to give that extra layer of security to all of its users.
In this article, I would like to share three most downloaded WordPress Security Plugins of 2016.


Building Your Customer Trust with Best WordPress Voting Plugins

building your customers trust with best WordPress voting plugins

When I’d like to buy something online, what concerns me most is the customers’ feedbacks  on their page. It gives me the objective views so I can evaluate the products that  I’m looking to buy. That why beliefs and opinions from your customers are very important for your online business. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and businesses trading online. So how can you get your customers’ trust? In this case, the ratings – poll system, can be considered a really useful tool when we give customers an overview, as well as for their deep experience knows, comments from other users. Continue

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

If your online store is running events, it’s important that your visitors to your website can find them easily. Furthermore, if a list of your upcoming events is difficult to search and access, you could see your customers is less on the day. One of the reasons for loving WordPress is the number of plugins available. Of the best WordPress plugins, there is a myriad of event calendar plugins on the market to make displaying and administrating your event listings quick and easy. The WordPress calendar plugins allow you to easily create and manage your events online through the admin interface.It also let visitors register and pay online for events, manage attendees, create discount coupons, export attendees list, and much more. Continue

Most Popular Premium & Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Developing and running your website is simple nowadays, all the credit goes to Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is one of the platforms you can start the development with. It is the most popular platform and is widely used. It has many advantages over other CMS as it is free and open source plus thousands of plugins making it an ideal choice. If you want to build a complete website on WordPress, I recommend you using products of DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins.

WordPress has many pros but still its security is something that needs to be focused upon. If you have WordPress website, then it is susceptible to cyber attacks, therefore, you need to follow certain steps in order to make the site more secure. For instance, your site could be affected by any sudden breakdown as a result, erasing all the data stored. To avoid that backing up the site is a feasible option.

Being the most popular platform, it is prone to cyber attacks and is an easy target for hackers. Regularly backing up your site is one of the ideal ways in securing your site. Backing up your WordPress site is a good option for having all the data even when the server crashes.


Best Free & Premium WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

WordPress is an open-source platform to build and run websites and many people in which use such websites to announce about upcoming incredible events, off-season sale, launch new projects or new website. Especially, if you’re running an online store and have the intention to release a new product shortly, then this post is perfect for you. All WordPress website owners use a lot of plugins to enhance the functionality of their sites to attract more visitors, you can visit DesignWall for best WordPress plugins and even responsive WordPress themes.  Here in this article, we have chosen and listed the best Free & Premium WordPress Countdown Timer plugins which can be used to appeal your users as well as boost your sale by creating excitement among users.


Best Typography WordPress Plugins To Revamp Your Website’s Typography

Typography has a crucial role to play in the acceptance of your website and its success. Fonts used in the web design are an integral part of the overall look and feel of the website and also its distinctiveness. Just as you pay attention to choosing the images, content, layout, etc., typography is an aspect of web design that requires equal if not more heed. When we talk about best typography plugins, all we make out is the best fonts.


Enhance Your Website Using WordPress Plugins


WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for website owners, because of its ease of use and customizability. From blogs to e-commerce sites, there’s a plugin to help enhance and improve your offering for your audience. One of the things that make WordPress such a great tool is that it is open source, online and written in PHP. Open source means that it is not closed off to developers who want to create plugins and themes to build upon the platform. It is also incredibly simple to use, making it one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) and blogging tools. Continue

Introducing DW Helpdesk Theme, integrated with Super Cool Plugins and Tools

“April 28, 2016, Update: Our DW Helpdesk Theme is now available for download — here.”

We’re happy to announce that our growing DesignWall’s themes collection will introduce a brand new theme today — To celebrate this occasion, we’re going offering a special 30% off DW Helpdesk until 5/5; which means you’ll save $14.70 for it! Recently, Knowledge Base and Questions & Answer have become popular plugins in the WordPress marketplace, in particular with those who have customer service websites. That’s why we integrated these two plugins into our latest WordPress product – the DW Helpdesk Theme, following our last month theme DW Mono.


Introducing One-Click-Update feature for our premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

We know that the regular updates to the latest version are essential for software development, and for the WordPress themes & plugins development in particular. This will protect the website from the potential risk of vulnerability. Being well aware of the importance of such update process, we have just built up a remote update system for our products and plugins.

Instead of the manual update, we used the one-click-update feature to give an update message in the Dashboard when the latest updates are available on our update server. Thus, you do not have to access on DesignWall or check the email to get the latest version.


The Plugins You Need to Create a News Site with WordPress

WordPress represents the ideal publishing platform for news websites. Although there are some limitations when using WordPress out-of-the-box, there is an extensive array of plugins available that are capable of adding the required functionality for a large, multi-author publishing platform.

Keeping the WordPress core as lean and fast as possible should be your overall objective in order to present the best user experience. To accomplish this, you need to select an appropriate theme for a news-based site such as our DW Focus Theme combined with plugins that provide the appropriate functionality without sacrificing performance.

DW Focus - Responsive News Theme
DW Focus – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine Theme


Security Updates for our WordPress Themes & Plugins


WordPress has just released the latest stable version WordPress 4.2.1. You are recommended to update this version immediately to protect your site from a flaw that could allow remote code execution to gain administrative control without authorisation.

We are announcing a security update to both our themes and plugins due to WordPress 4.1.1 (and earlier) XSS vulnerability. Strongly encourage you to update to WordPress 4.1.2 immediately. There are probably a few of other plugins you use are affected too.