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While WordPress is a great choice for most people who want to get a website online and have the freedom to publish their own content whenever they like, there are a lot of tasks that need to be taken care of to ensure your website runs smoothly and can survive on its own out in the wild.

With plugin conflicts, theme and software updates, hack attacks, data losses, comment spam floods, and much more to contend with, running a WordPress site isn’t for the feint hearted. This is especially true when the website is used to generate income and promote a business or service.

While there is no reason why you can’t take care of the daily maintenance of your website, in most cases your time will be better spent carrying out the tasks that will grow your business or blog. If that sounds appealing then the WordPress support and maintenance services we are looking at today can help you focus on what you do best, without having to worry about the security and stability of your website and all the content you publish on it.

WP Curve: Unlimited Small WordPress Jobs Each Month

WP Curve service

WP Curve was created for business owners who don’t have the time to worry about WordPress. Once you sign up and become a member of their service you get 24 / 7 access to their team of developers who will carry out site maintenance, support, and unlimited small jobs, from just $69 a month.

What is a small job? I hear you ask. Well the WP Curve team define it as a task that takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Tasks are completed on the same business day, mostly within six hours. This means you won’t have to wait long after signing up to get that little problem on your site fixed that’s been bugging you for months. You can now also order a one off job instead of signing up to become a monthly client if you want to give their service a try.

With prices starting from just $69 for unlimited WordPress support and small jobs, it’s hard to say no to the level of service offered by WP Curve. This is especially true for anyone that can spend their time more productively on their business, as opposed to tinkering with their WordPress site, trying to work out why their theme doesn’t look the way they’d hoped, or worrying if their backup solution is actually backing up their website.

Even if you aren’t ready to sign up with WP Curve, their blog is well worth reading and has already become a popular resource for those interested in the startup scene – especially their monthly income reports that chart the growth of WP Curve over the year and a half they’ve been in operation, going from $0 a month up to almost $30,000 a month at the time of writing.

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WP Site Care: Take the Stress Out of WordPress

WP Site Care service

WP Site Care offer to take care of all the tedious but important tasks that are part and parcel of running a WordPress powered website. From updating your plugins, themes, and the WordPress software; running daily backups to the cloud; and security monitoring; through to eCommerce plugin support; site migrations; and phone support; WP Site Care cover it all.

When it comes to plans, WP Site Care has three pricing options to choose from starting from just $29 per month, and bulk discounts for those with multiple sites. They also offer a range of a la carte services for specific one off tasks. These tasks include installing and configuring a plugin, SEO for WordPress optimization, and disaster recovery to name but a few.

WP Site Care also has plans to start offering WordPress themes in partnership with Audit WP, through the newly formed Flagship, helping them to solve some of the issues their clients have been having with their current setups.

The affordable entry level pricing plan is a great option for those not yet making much money from their site, but who still want an easy way to offload some recurring admin tasks from their plate, in order to allow them to focus on their online business or hobby.

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WP Valet: Bespoke WordPress Site Support

WP Valet service

WP Valet does things a little differently from the competition and offers custom, individually tailored plans for their clients. While this means you will receive a bespoke plan that meets your needs, the service on offer can include backups, updates, security, and monitoring.

While a lot of those tasks take place in the background, allowing you to focus on growing your business, WP Valet also offers expert assistance on many aspects of WordPress. This includes troubleshooting existing issues; consulting on theme and plugin choices; and custom design and development.

If you like the idea of your own personal valet working to an individually tailored plan, then WP Valet could be just what you are looking for.

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WP Maintainer: Maintenance, Security, Backups & Support

WP Maintainer service

As part of their service, once you sign up with WP Maintainer, the team will audit and secure your WordPress site, put an automated backup schedule in place, and start monitoring your site’s security. If you are having second thoughts about your WordPress host, WP Maintainer are happy to migrate your site to a new web host for free as part of the service.

On top of all the management tasks, such as keeping your site and its add-ons up to date, WP Maintainer also offer WordPress support for any jobs that crop up while you are working on your site.

In a bid for simplicity, WP Maintainer has done away with complicated pricing plans and offers their services at one fixed rate of $99 per month.

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Fix My WP: Affordable WordPress Repair Services

Fix My WP

Fix My WP offer both monthly packages and support services on a one off basis. This means that should your website run into trouble, you can turn to them to fix the issue, without having to sign up for a monthly package with recurring billing.

The individual services on offer cover clean ups after a site hack, setting a theme or plugin, and moving your website to a new host. With prices for a fix starting from just $35, it’s a cost effective way to free up your time that would otherwise be spent wrestling with WordPress and your chosen plugins and theme, allowing you to work on creating content for your website and promoting it.

If you’d rather have someone keeping an eye on your site on a constant basis, the monthly maintenance packages might be for you. As they include updates, spam cleaning, database optimization, and a few hours of fixes, you really won’t be left with much to do when it comes to administrating your website.

Although there is little information available about who is behind Fix My WP, with the low cost of a one off fix, they are worth adding to your list of emergency contacts.

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Maintainn: Real Solutions for Real-World Issues


With three pricing plans to choose from, plus a custom package, Maintainn have something for everyone, with plenty of room to expand as your site grows in size and popularity.

The Maintainn team was founded in 2012 and the core members have a number of plugins out in the wild and have even contributed to the WordPress software and presented at WordCamp conferences around the world.

The standard features of the Maintainn WordPress support packages include monitoring, backup management, theme, plugins and core updates, and a monthly allowance of 30 minutes of support.  Additional hours of development time can be booked as needed, outside of your monthly allowance.

If you are looking for support from a team closely involved in the WordPress community then Maintainn could be the right option for you.

Find out more about Maintainn


With WordPress maintenance packages starting from just $29 per month, it’s getting increasingly difficult for any website owner who values their time to justify not using one of these services.

Whether you want premium support you can call on when something goes wrong, or you just like the idea of someone taking care of the seemingly endless round of theme and plugin updates on your site and keeping your site backed up, signing up for one of these WordPress specific support and maintenance services makes sense.

If your time would be better spent on growing your business or blog, can you afford to say no to professional WordPress support and maintenance?

What aspects of managing a WordPress website do you find the most time consuming and frustrating? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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As well as being a regular WordPress user, Joe writes for some of the most popular WordPress blogs, sharing what he's learned about this most versatile platform. If you would like to work with Joe to get content for your website, please visit his website for more information.