Responsive One Page WordPress Theme – DW Page and its Frequently Asked Questions

Released early this year, DW Page is one of our unique responsive one page WordPress theme which has won many hearts. Our thanks to all the support and feedback we received from you all.

Through our support we realize that there are few repeated issues and questions (commonly about installation and some minor changes for DW Page). To make it easier for you and as well as others to follow up, we have made a list of frequently asked questions and solutions. Hope you will find it helpful.


Hello and welcome to DesignWall

Derived from the passion for the WordPress foundation with a twist of code and bit of undesign touch, DesignWall aims to be the epicenter for WordPress theming and is the creator of WallPress. With this secret weapon, you now are fully capable to start building up your own WordPress Wall in no time (we said so, and we meant it). If you haven’t give it a try just yet, come by and pick it up here (pick me, pick me, I’m FREE) but don’t blame us on the addiction.


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