Get a spooky WordPress site in 5 mins with DW Halloween plugin

Hey WordPress builders,

Halloween is looming. Let’s put your shades on and be prepared to booo your visitors with witches, black cats and flying WordPress pumpkins. Sounds fun and spooky, yeah?

How to creep them out?

It’s simple. A few clicks with DW Halloween and you are all set. Known as the free WordPress plugin for Halloween, DW Halloween dresses up your site with funky items flying around, carrying your Halloween messages or promotion to every visitor. This custom message supports HTML format so you can be sure it’s well-tailored to your needs. Not to mention, you got everything else under control, from the item’s size, flying path and wing speed. All for FREE. Continue

Handy WordPress Image Plugins and Tools to Save You Time and Effort

Including images in your blog posts has many benefits including helping to break up the to text to make your content appear more inviting, allowing you to better illustrate the points are you making, show off a place or product, or simply give your blog a more professional look. After all, if a picture says a thousand words, you might as well spend a bit of time finding or crafting the right image for your posts. Continue

Make Your Website More Sociable with BuddyPress and bbPress for WordPress

BuddyPress and bbPress are two WordPress plugins that have been created by some of the same individuals who helped develop WordPress and make it what it is today. Both plugins are related in the sense that they can help you build a community around your website, giving you the ability to interact better with your visitors, while also letting them interact with each other. Of the two plugins, bbPress is responsible for adding discussion forums to WordPress sites, while BuddyPress has the ability to add social networking features. Continue

The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Due to WordPress being used to power so many different types of websites, it can be easy to overlook its more humble beginnings as a blogging platform. While WordPress is used increasingly as a CMS these days, with some predicting its eventual move towards being an app platform, for many bloggers it is and will always be their software of choice.

So with that in mind, it’s time to shift our focus away briefly from the eCommerce tools, and app themes that turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning business directories or social networks, and go back to the roots of WordPress with some great plugins targeted at bloggers that aim to help make them more productive, while also making managing their blogs an easier task. Continue