Make Your WordPress Site More Interactive with These Communication Tools (Part I)

If you want to really connect with your audience then finding new ways to make yourself available to them can really help you achieve your goals.

In this two-part series blog post we will look at 5 other ways you can make it easy for your visitors, readers, and potential or existing customers and clients, to get in touch with you beyond the standard post comments features of WordPress. Continue

Gamify WordPress with these Points Management Plugins

Allowing your visitors to earn points in exchange for their interactions with your content is a great way to help a community to grow around your website. Points can be awarded for signing up, logging in, posting comments, and even when sharing your content on social networks.

The points system has been pioneered by discussion forums and question and answer websites, where users can earn points based on their levels of activity on the sites, and how useful their input is deemed to be by the community. Continue

5 Awesome WordPress Chat Plugins for a kick-ass support system

Take a look at your site’s support system. Chances are you can be quite content with how it works. Your ticket system runs well, your forum gets vibrant discussions everyday and your contact form is beyond encouraging. But the thing is you might miss visitors who are in hurry, who have no time for submitting a ticket or searching through your document system. This is when live chat systems come in handy. That is exactly what a bypasser or potential customer look for when browsing your site: A real-time or instant conversation experience.

Your existing customers may wait several hours or a day for your solution feedback from forum or ticketing system. Yet any visitor can opt out anytime if they can not find what they are searching for after just a few minutes. Imaging how many leads you may lose just because your online salesperson or the direct line of contact is not right there to provide prompt and accurate answers. It’s time you seriously consider using a proper live chat tool. Continue