WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer v1.2.8 now supports custom user roles

Over the past two weeks, we are grateful enough to receive lots of thumbs-up for the anonymous feature in the last WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer version 1.2.6. Not intending to sleep on victory, we are now excited to come back with way cooler features in this 1.2.8 version.

In this version of the plugin, we now support custom user roles from third party plugins, change the way to order questions on the question list page. We also maintain routine bug fixes and add two more new languages. Scroll down for more details and again it’s time to upgrade your Q&A system. Continue

Which is the Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress?

If you want to start selling products on your existing WordPress site, or you are about to build an eCommerce store from scratch, then today’s post discussing the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress is just for you.

Before we get started, it’s important to know that there is no single best WordPress eCommerce plugin. Every store will have different needs and every store manager will have a preferred way of working. So while it is possible to make general recommendations, the features required by your store will largely dictate which the best plugin is for you.

Hopefully this guide will steer you in the right direction, and then after that you will have to do a bit of self-directed research before making a final decision. Continue

WordPress plugin DW Question and Answer version 1.2.6 with Anonymous Question feature

Ever since the early release of DW Question & Answer plugin, we have received lots of requests for the Anonymous question feature. It has always been a good debate and discussion whether or not should a user submit an anonymous question. Here we are! In an attempt to cater to our users’ every feedback, Q&A production team has worked hard since then to make sure that wish comes true. And now, the most wanted Anonymous question feature is finally supported in the latest version of DW Question & Answer 1.2.6. This release also comes with other exciting improvements as well.


The Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress

Notification bars can be a powerful way to grab the attention of the visitors to your site and let them know about an offer you are running, a product you are promoting, or a key piece of content on your site. More advanced notification bar plugins can even allow you to display social media buttons, newsletter sign up forms, and RSS feed content to name just a few options. These plugins often give you a wealth of settings for customizing their appearance, and also how they function on your site, such as which pages they are displayed on and more.

Today we will take a look at some of the most well-known and popular options available, in order to help you decide which one best meets your needs.


New release: DWQA Embed Question Plugin for WordPress DW Question and Answer

After the first introduction in Feb, the Embed Question feature along with Social sharing has been one of the most anticipated features of DW Question and Answer plugin. Last week, we have released the Beta version of this add-on and sought out for feedback on our Q&A site. You can visit this link and read the discussion. Thanks to all the feedback and bugs report, we have updated and finally release the DWQA Embed Question Plugin.