DW Question and Answer plugin PRO version 1.2.6 is now available

Howdy everyone!
Let’s welcome the latest update of our all-time favorite WordPress plugin DW Question & Answer Pro version 1.2.6.

To admit it, it’s been a while we have not made any major updates to the plugin DW Q&A, nonetheless, we always provide active support for bug fixes on our Forum page. For the upcoming time, we plan to upgrade and enhance our DW Q&A plugin with a bunch of great features enabling DW Q&A plugin to be more flexible.

For this update v1.2.6, DW Q&A is fully compatible with the latest WordPress 5.7 and packaged with various bug fixes and useful improvements as well. Notes below will give you a quick walkthrough of these changes:

=== Version 1.2.6 ===

Download and Update

That’s is for now. You can buy and update the plugin to the latest version.

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