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“April 28, 2016, Update: Our DW Helpdesk Theme is now available for download — here.”

We’re happy to announce that our growing DesignWall’s themes collection will introduce a brand new theme today — To celebrate this occasion, we’re going offering a special 30% off DW Helpdesk until 5/5; which means you’ll save $14.70 for it! Recently, Knowledge Base and Questions & Answer have become popular plugins in the WordPress marketplace, in particular with those who have customer service websites. That’s why we integrated these two plugins into our latest WordPress product – the DW Helpdesk Theme, following our last month theme DW Mono.

See the video overview of DW Helpdesk

DW Helpdesk is a WordPress theme which helps you build a complete online support solution. It’s a perfect combination of DW Question & Answer Pro and DW Knowledge Base Pro plugins as well as many others, making this theme an all-in-one helpdesk solution that you have been waiting for.

Knowledge Base

In one sentence, a knowledge base allows you to share information with your customers and staff members. A well-organized knowledge base can save your organization money by streamlining the process of finding information, improving the productivity of employees and saving precious time spent on searching for data. As a rule, this capacity should make the interaction simpler for both the customer, the staff, and the organization. Here at DesignWall, we have developed the plugin you need – DW Knowledge Base Pro – which is simple to customize and use – as either an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base, or a customer facing public resource. And because it’s always available, customers and agents can help themselves to the information they need even during after hours while your business or office is closed and unavailable.

Get Started

With DW Helpdesk, you can easily build a well-organized knowledge base without any coding knowledge at all. We’ve already done it all for you – from the backend (using PHP, …) to the frontend (HTML, CSS, style colors, etc.). All you need to do is add your pertinent content, within the “Add New” section of Knowledge Base on your WordPress Dashboard.

DW Helpdesk Back-end
DW Helpdesk Back-end
DW Helpdesk Front-end

DW Helpdesk gives you with a range of advanced information management features that DW Knowledge Base Pro was designed to provide. Plus, instead of paying $25 for this separate plugin, now it’s FREE because it is integrated into the theme.

Question & Answer

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a question and answer section right on your WordPress site?

Being integrated with DW Helpdesk, DW Question & Answer Pro has proved to be an incredible feature in building a discussion section on your website.

Handy, lightweight, clean, and amazing is what you’ll love about this feature.

Right on the discuss page is the question listing, you’ll see all questions are sorted by views, answers and votes. Also, you can change the status of the questions to Open, Resolved, Closed, and so on. Replying to others’ question is also available. Plus, in DW Helpdesk Theme, you can pick the best answer, letting others know that it’s a quality response. In this section of DW Helpdesk Theme, we also combined reCaptcha with every question and answer, avoiding annoying spam.

DW Helpdesk - Discuss Page
DW Helpdesk – Discuss Page

Plus, on the sidebar, you have access which filters questions and answers by Categories, Popular Questions, and Leaderboard.

DW Helpdesk Discuss Page - Sidebar
DW Helpdesk Discuss Page – Sidebar


In the Glossary section, we have integrated DW Glossary into this theme, allowing you to build an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with accompanying definitions for those terms.

DW Helpdesk - Glossary
DW Helpdesk – Glossary


Coming along with these amazing features is DW FAQ. Briefly, this is a plugin which helps you add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to your WordPress site via shortcode or PHP function. Everyone loves seeing what the frequently asked questions are right? I know I do.

DW Helpdesk - FAQ Section
DW Helpdesk – FAQ Section

Highly Customizable

We want to include everyone. DW Helpdesks entire layout is completely responsive. Users can access your content from any device, browser, or platform. Resizing and compatibility problems are completely eliminated. Should you encounter problems during customization, be sure to get in touch with our support representatives. Regardless of your issue, we will provide you a practical solution.

Responsive & Retina Ready

In addition, DW Helpdesk is cross-browser adaptable and Retina-ready. The layout will be compatible with all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Highly Responsive
Highly Responsive



Upcoming features…

We strive for improvements and ease of use, so more features and enhancements will be added in the future. We want to ensure that we’re delivering the highest possible caliber product to you and that we continue to do so; thus, we need your feedback and it is extremely important to us to hear what you think and want. Please help us help you by sharing your feature wish list, any suggestions or your views on how we can improve DW Helpdesk Theme via this form.

For now, let’s head over to our DW Helpdesk Theme demo to see how it helps provide customer service to your sites users in a way that you couldn’t have achieved before. This is why in no time at all you’ll find that DW HelpDesk will become a must-have for your customer service website.

What are you waiting for? Try our DW Helpdesk Theme on your site!

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