WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question and Answer version 1.3.2 release

WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer has been updated to the latest version 1.3.2 with regular bug fixes and improvements. If you missed our last release of 1.3.1 version, you can read about it at our blog.

Note: always remember to back-up your site and note down any custom code you have made before proceed to any update. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask us for support at our Q&A support page.


WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer v1.3.1 now available

In the version 1.3.0 of DW Question & Answer plugin, we have announced a significant change in how the plugin could be integrated into your WordPress site and work well with any WordPress theme. Though it made life much easier, yet it was not a perfect solution yet. Now in this version 1.3.1, we have included a quick update for it: a setting for choosing template for Single Question page is supported.

Besides, routine bug fixes are released in this version of the plugin as well. Let’s scroll down for details. Continue

Big improvement for WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer

Just few days ago we have announced the release ofDW Question & Answer plugin version 1.2.10 for security update, and here we are again with our regular update for DW Question & Answer plugin. Yet the upgrade this time does not seem regular at all. In this latest version 1.3.0, you will see a significant improvement in the plugin-theme integration along with bug fixes and more languages supported. Continue

Important security update for WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer

Thanks to the report from one of our users, we recently found out a security issue in the front-end of DW Question & Answer plugin. Upon receiving the feedback, our team has abruptly started working on this problem and quickly fixed it. Today, we would like announce the quick update for DW Question & Answer version 1.2.10 in that we have successfully fixed this security issue. Continue

WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer v1.2.9 got new single question UI

WordPress DW Question and Answer

DW Question and Answer has a brand new look and feel? Yes, you heard it right. For the last ten days since the release of DW Question and Answer version 1.2.8 featuring custom user roles support, our team has been striving nonstop to add more value into this popular WordPress plugin. Now here are, all eager to present you the latest version 1.2.9 with a totally fresh design in the single question page. Continue