How to Track and Record Logged In User Activity in WordPress

Recently we took a look at some analytics tools for WordPress that give you a clearer picture of what your visitors are doing while they are accessing your website. These tools cover activities such as which pages your visitors view, where they click, and other aspects of how they interact with your content.

In today’s post though, we are going to look at some of the options for tracking what logged in users are getting up to on your WordPress website. Rather than looking at pages viewed, these plugins focus on back-end tasks and activities, such as logging in, editing content, working with themes and plugins, modifying files, and in some cases, a whole lot more. Continue

Advanced WordPress Analytics: Heat Maps, Click Tracking, and Visitor Session Recordings

If you want to know more about how your visitors experience your website and what they do once they’ve arrive on one of your web pages, the tools we are looking at today can help you do just that.

While Google Analytics is most website owners go to user reporting tool, if you look a little bit further afield you can find a wide selection of tools that can give you an even greater insight into what your visitor are doing on your website. These tools allow you to see where your visitors are clicking, what is the focus of their attention, and even playback entire visitor journeys on your site. Continue