Differences Between Premium & Free

Differences between the Free and Premium version of
DW Question & Answer

Features / Options
Free Version
Premium Version
  • Multi style
  • All Extension
  • Markdown Editor
  • Google reCaptchaV2
  • FunCaptcha
  • Manual approve answer
  • Manual approve question
  • Anonymous vote
  • Mention user
  • Permalink friendly SEO
  • Upload Files
  • Notification Bar
  • Ultimate member Integration
  • UserPro Integration
  • Buddypress Integration
  • Manager Anonymous info
  • Alway Show Admin answer First
  • Login/register Redirect Page
  • The ShortCode
  • The Widgets

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I’m unsatisfied?

    If you’re unsatisfied with the themes or plugin then you can return within 7 days.

  • On how many sites can I use your themes?

    As many as you’d like. We recognize that web developers often have clients they’re working for and a theme they particularly like and want to use on multiple sites. We don’t want to stop you from doing that.

  • I’m considering a lifetime developer package. How long does this last for?

    Exactly what it says, life. Unless an asteroid crashes into the earth within our lives and ends everything quicker than it was supposed to end, we’ll be here making and improving WordPress for the world.

  • What’s your return policy?

    If you’re unsatisfied with the themes or plugin then you can return within 7 days no questions asked.

  • How long will I be able to use your theme for?

    Forever. However, we as WordPress updates and new security flaws become evident in the future you’ll need to have continual support.

  • Other sites have more themes, why do you have fewer?

    Because each one of our themes has been rigorously tested and debugged. We’re proud of each and everyone of our themes and only work on new ones we believe are exceptional and could serve the public well.