In the WordPress a Dashboard is the main administration screen for a site, or for a network of sites. It summarizes information about the site or network, and also external information, in one or more widgets that the Dashboard user can enable, disable, and move around.

Main Navigation of the WordPress Admin Dashboard

This area will allow you to quickly navigate through your WordPress sites most important features to change settings and configurations as well as to make the neccesary changes you’ll find yourself having to do when managing your content.

Main Workspace

The main workspace is where you’ll find yourself most of the time. This area can be set up and configured to look however you want. You can easily configure the workspace to have the widgets that you use the most often and to get rid of those you feel clutter your work area.


The Admin Bar

This feature of the WordPress Admin Dashboard will allow you to quickly jump and back forth between previewing your site and managing the content that you find within it. The Admin bar can be configured easily as well. Depending the plugins and themes you select this will also be customized.

If you’d like to watch a video in order to see the it explained, then see this video we put together about the WordPress Admin Dashboard.


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