1. DW Twitter

This is a simple plugin that collects and shows your recent tweets using search queries: from, @ or #. The plugin also supports Twitter API 1.1.

DW Twitter Widget

Front-end Appearance

frontend appearance of twitter
Front-end Appearance of DW Twitter Widget

2. DW Argo: Accordion

An Accordion widget is a set of collapsible panels, we can use other widgets inside this widget. Of course, it will save space for your theme. By clicking the tab, visitors can hide or reveal the content stored in the accordion.

dw argo accordion widget
DW Argo Accordion Widget

Front-end Appearance

frontend of dw argo accordion widget
Front-end of DW Argo Accordion Widget

3. DW Argo: Tabs

This widget is a single content area with many panels, each related to a header in a list. You can use DW Argo: Tabs widget to break the multiple sections that it can be swapped to save space.

dw argo tabs widget

Front-end Appearance

frontend of dw tabs widget
Front-end of DW Tabs Widget