DW Brickstore supports several different page templates to choose from, each template will serve a purpose to contribute a complete site.

1. Create a new page

Step 1 Navigate to Pages >> Add New in your WordPress sidebar.

Step 2 Insert a new name, then find the Page Attributes box on right side.

Step 3 Select your Parent page. It’s usually set to No Parent.

Step 4 Choose your page template from the Template dropdown list.

Step 5 Enter the content for the page in the editing field.

Add a new page
Add a new page

2. Page Templates

DW Brickstore includes several page templates. You need to select the page template according to your taste before building a new complete page. For example, in case you want to display a page with 100% full width, just choose the page template as Page Full Width.

Below are the Page Templates.

Default: This is the default WordPress template with the sidebar. The template is automatically added once you created a new page.

Blog Pages: There are all Blog page templates with 2, 3, 4 columns and Blog page with left / right sidebar depending on your layout.

Page Full Width: Show your page with 100% full width of your browser and no sidebar.

Page Right Sidebart: Show your page with the sidebar on the right side.

Page Left Sidebar: The page with the sidebar on the left side.

Page No Sidebar: The page with no sidebar. However, the width of the page will smaller than the page full width template.