To create a “About Us” page as on our demo, please follow these steps below:

Step 1 Navigate to Users >> Add New. Start filling in the blanks and click on ” Add New User” button.

The settings details are illustrated in the following screenshot:

Add new user
Add New User

If you want to adjust or add the credentials, simply go to Users >> Your Profile, choose the user you want to edit. You can extra profile information such as job title, facebook, skype and so on.

Adjust Your Profile
Adjust Your Profile

Step 2 Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New. Enter page’s title and remember to set Page Template as Default Template.

To display the users you added before, please copy shortcode below:

  [authors number=]

Paste it into the editor area of the page. You can change number of users you want to show at the front-end.

insert shortcode into the page
Back-end Settings
Note: If you want to show the slideshow as our demo site, please follow our instruction below:

Step 1 Go to Dashboard >> Slides >> Add New.

Add New Slide

Make sure that you click on ” Publish” button to generate a shortcode. Copy this shortcode:

Copy Shortcode

And insert it into the ” About Us” page.

Back-end Settings

This is how the slides should look like at the front-end:

Front-end Appearance