1. Sidebar Positions

There are 8 sidebar positions:

  1. Main Sidebar
  2. Shop Sidebar
  3. Sidebar 2 (Headlines)
  4. Sidebar 3 (Services)
  5. Sidebar 4 (Clients)
  6. Sidebar 5 (Blog/Services)
  7. Sidebar 6 (Footer)
  8. Sidebar 7 (Footer)

This is how it should look like at the front-end:

1.1 Main Sidebar
Main Sidebar at the Front-end
Main Sidebar at the Front-end
1.2 Shop Sidebar
Shop Sidebar
Shop Sidebar
1.3 Sidebar 2 (Headline)
Headline Sidebar
Headline Sidebar
1.4. Sidebar 3 (Services)
Services Sidebar
Services Sidebar
1.5 Sidebar 4 (Clients)
Clients Sidebar
Clients Sidebar
1.6 Sidebar 5 (Blog/Services)

This sidebar will be supported in the Homepage 3 and Homepage 4. You can set up the Sidebar 5 by go to Appearance >> Widgets >> Sidebar 5(Blog/Services/..) and drag and drop the widgets into this sidebar.

This is how the Sidebar 5 should look like at the front-end:

Position of The Sidebar 5 on Homepage 4
Position of The Sidebar 5 on Homepage 3&4
1.7 Sidebar 6 & 7 (Footer)
Footer Sidebar
Footer Sidebar

2. Widgets

2.1 Clients Widget

DW Simplex uses the Clients widget which allows displaying the clients logo automatically and they can be used in the sidebar positions.

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets, drag and drop “Clients” widgets into the sidebar you want to have and configure it as below:

clients widget
Clients Widget Settings
2.2 Testimonials Slide

This is a WordPress widget to display the testimonials in a WordPress website’s sidebar.

Testimonials Slide Widgets
Back-end Settings

Front-end Appearance

Front-end Appearance of Testimonial Slide Widget
2.3 DW Twitter

This is to display the latest Twitter updates for Twitter user accounts in a WordPress website’s sidebar. You can activate this widget just like other WP plugins.

Go to Twitter Developer and create a new application (if you don’t have any yet) at https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new. Once you have your own app, you will have Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret at OAuth Settings.

After activating the plugin, Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> drag and drop the DW Twitter widget to the Sidebar.

dw twitter widget
DW Twitter Widget Settings

This is how the DW Twitter widget should look like at the front-end:

DW Twitter Widget Frontend
Front-end Appearance