The Envato Market provides API which is a good communication to integrate with your existing support system (like our theme DW-Helpdesk) or another third-party application.


To use Envato API you must have an active account. There is not required to have an active products on market as author or active purchaser.

Getting API information

API information includes two important values: Client ID and Client Secret. Follow these steps to generate them:

Step 1: Go to and Sign In

Step 2: Click on button ‘Register a new app

Step 3: Fill all required forms:

  1. App Name (like Support Portal)
  2. Required Permissions (choose all)
  3. Confirmation URL
  4. Check I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions

Press ‘Register App

Step 4: Then you will see a popup which shown:

You’ve registered your app. Here’s your secret application key! Make sure you copy this down, because if you lose it you’ll need to re-create the application.

You should copy a long string and keep it safe, because it is origin and can not see it again.

Now, remember to tick ‘I confirm that I have copied this key and stored it safely. I also understand that Envato is not going to store this key on my behalf for security reasons.’ and click ‘Got it’ button.

Get a client secret key through Envato API

Step 5: Navigate back to ‘My apps’, now you can see registered app at “Apps you’ve registered”. Under ‘App name’, you can find ‘Client ID’ value.

Find Client ID via Envato API