WordPress hosting compare and selecting a right hosting service for your site is not always as easy as it should be, and if you are not sure where to start, it can be really tough. Three main elements make up an excellent host and you have to consider them, they are:

1) Operational performance

2)  Speed, Knowledge, and reliability

3) Cost and complete product offer.

Initially, I made the comparison of various companies into WordPress hosting. I will continue updating and adding to this list in subsequent months of the year. You need to research for resources to choose the best WordPress hosting company. You have to bear in mind that to have the quickest servers does not make the WordPress company the best. If you are in search of the most excellent WordPress hosting to use on your site, the information here will go a long way in helping you.

According to our research, the three most excellent WordPress host companies are as follows:

  1. SiteGround
  2. Site5
  3. InMotion Hosting

Some of the hosting companies we tested, is quite doing well, but we normally suggest these 3 to our consumers and customers searching for cheap and quick WordPress hosting. In case you want to know the reason behind our view for making the suggestion, continue to read while I give you the explanation on how we performed the experiment.

WordPress Hosting

The Experiment for The Performance Testing

Testing of speed and servers performance in remote residence introduces a lot of funny and exciting challenges. When I began running the tests, I started thinking that I’d be very fast in performing the experiment and will be fully ready to be crowned the quickest performing WordPress hosting. That was not the case.

Putting an end to many variables seen in the test makes the work to be more tedious than expected, but the result led to a solid data.

In running the tests I made use of a testing device known as Load impact. This quickens up the server you selected. It takes traffic to the website, slowly increasing over a period of time.

For this test, in particular, 50 users were sent to a test site, a user rose to 50 users concurrently, in 10 minutes period of time. 50 users at the same time is a good test baseline for sharing a host. Once a benchmark is researched on a relatively consistent basis, it was actually the best time to begin the exploration options for WordPress VPS and hosting management. Traffic increase is steady all through the period up to 50 users visit the site simultaneously.

Some precautious measures were taken in order to ensure that the tests run fairly, although all the sites are scattered throughout America:

  • Every site of WordPress is a typical installation of WordPress 3.6 installation with 2013 themes installed and some pages and post.
  • The same name was used for the domain for each test site using another subdomain.
  • For all the account for servers hosting located on the Western Coast, a test server based in Ashburn was used. For all account for servers hosting residing on the eastern coast, a test server situated in Portland was used.
  • We ensured that the physical distance of travel for all tests is the same.
  • Every plugins and cachings were disabled in all the site
  • All the test were performed five times with the most excellent outcome being published here.


After the experiment, we reached an excellent conclusion that offers an exquisite idea on how to compare and choose the best WordPress hosting site. If you follow the instructions given here, you will never make a mistake in WordPress hosting compare and selection.