Top 12 Trends in WordPress Themes Design 2016

Since the first quarter of 2016 is left behind, many of us had a chance to observe the trends that have been prevailing in WordPress design so far. Now, it’s about time to take a closer look at the most prominent ones and tell which of them are here to stay. Functionality wise, the WordPress themes have become the immaculate specimen of a website layout that includes abundant features web designers could only dream about a few years ago. Let’s check out what is in at the moment:


Let’s Take A Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming WordPress Theme: DW Helpdesk

Today, we’re extremely excited to give you the first look of our upcoming WordPress theme: DW Helpdesk. The name says it all: DW Helpdesk is a complete online support solution based on WordPress. It is a perfect combination of DW Question & Answer and DW Knowledge Base plugins as well as some cool features, making DW Helpdesk theme an all-in-one helpdesk solution that you have been waiting for.


4 Reasons To Use Customizable WordPress Themes for a Website

Over the past years, WordPress CMS has become one of the most in-demand platforms for establishing a website for both business and personal purposes. More and more users are eager to be fully in control of their online resource, changing its look and feel whenever they feel comfortable to. Naturally, this puts an issue of a WordPress based website customization into the spotlight for those individuals who are not tech-savvy enough, yet have no wish to bring any third-party web developers into the game. So, what to do?


Simple Yet Unique DW Mono Theme Has Officially Released

April is about to arrived. And we’re kicking things off with fantastic themes. In the last few weeks, we have released some of our best plugins, which are DW Question & Answer and DW Knowledge Base. We know that you have been waiting so long for the next theme’s release. Now we’re happy to announce you about the official arrival of DW Mono theme. DW Mono is a new theme for personal blogging with elegant design, flexible layout options, and easy for customization. It’s a sleek one that avoids the feeling of clutter through the use of clean design elements and a strict grid. DW Mono is also fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to mobile phones and tablets for a more intuitive browsing experience.


5 Things about WordPress that You Should Know

Thinking about starting up a blog? WordPress is a great place for you to start! Since 2003, WordPress has risen to become one of the most popular tools that bloggers use to power their pages. If you are already using WordPress, could it be that there are still features of the tool that you have not yet fully utilized?

Let us have a look at several of its important features and see how each can help you drive more traffic to your page.


Hi 2016, DW Question & Answer Plugin is back, with 4 NEW extensions

In recent weeks, we have been working hard to enhance our DW Question & Answer (DW Q&A) plugin. Apart from getting bugs fixed and providing technical assistance to our users, our team implemented some new cool features to extend functionality for DW Q&A.

Let’s take a close look at these extra extensions and see how you can use these 4 extensions of DW Q&A to accept author applications for your news site to make your sites easier to use and more flexible.


DesignWall News #1: What have we done and What are we doing?

Hey, friends! I’m Jackie, captain of DesignWall. Today I’m starting a new series of blog articles named: “DesignWall News” that revolve around the products we’re developing. This way we aim at keeping you in the loop about: What our team has done recently, and What we would do in the next time.

And through these ‘internal memo’ series, I really wish to hear of all comments or any suggestion you might have. All inputs we get back will influence what types of features are built next, so we can better meet your needs.


New DW Question & Answer plugin ver 1.3.5 Ready for 2016

Howdy everyone!
Let’s welcome the latest update of our all-time favorite WordPress plugin DW Question & Answer version 1.3.5.

To admit it, it’s been awhile we have not made any major updates to the plugin DW Q&A, nonetheless, we always provide active support for bug fixes on our Question & Answers page. But that’s for 2015, for the upcoming time we plan to upgrade and enhance our DW Q&A plugin with a bunch of great features enabling DW Q&A plugin to be more flexible. Continue

Top 10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Every Web Design Whim

This blog post includes a collection of the most advanced multipurpose WordPress themes.

Let’s start by answering simple questions and then make a quick recap of the advantages of each theme.

What are multipurpose themes and who can benefit from their usage?

As for the author of this article, she believes that multipurpose themes are a great step forward in web design and development. Their price is almost the same as the price of a regular theme designed for one particular business niche. However, when purchasing a multipurpose theme you get much more. Of course, different providers pack their themes with different sets of features, but the fact that you can build absolutely anything with these kinds of templates stays constant. As a rule, multipurpose themes include multiple layouts from which you can choose. They can vary from a simple personal page to a fully functional e-Commerce store. Multi-purpose themes are easy to customize and suitable for both professionals and newbies in web design. Actually, when buying a multipurpose theme you get access to numerous designs, plugins and extensions. It’s a kind of construction set you can play with until you attain the desired effect. And what is even better, when your design becomes outdated, you can always refresh it with the help of another pre-designed page available in your package. This is a great way to keep your website up to date, or just constantly improve it, by adding more features, plugins, using more shortcodes and other stuff delivered with your multipurpose theme. Continue