Privacy Policy

According to each visitor’s preference, DesignWall may require personal information based on which interaction visitors choose to carry out. Otherwise, visitors can surf through other area which does not require entering personal identification on Visitors are eligible to refuse to provide personal information which might prevent them to engage in a certain activities on our site.

Usage of Personal Information

Your personal information are confidential and are used in:

Personal Information Sharing

We do not share your personal information under any circumstances unless requested by:


DesignWall uses cookie to keep track of your preferences, general usage and profile information excluding any personal information.

f you do not wish have cookies stored in your computer, should set your browsers to refuse recording cookies when surfing on our site. However, without the aid of cookies, you will not be able to view/function on our website properly.


Ask us on Questions & Answers section or email us directly to for personal assistance if you need to. We ensure to get you in the loop in the earliest time possible.

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