Babak Khalifeh Soltan
asked 10 months ago

Hi there, 
I have installed DWQA plugin (free version) to my WP website quite a while ago. On this basis, I tried to add/activate some of the extensions of the plugin through the site dashboard. However, this process was not a success and I experienced a site clash after the activation of one of the extensions. As a result, I could not access to the site afterwards. Then I sought for the WP people’s help and and restored an earlier version of the site.
Now that I am going to purchase the pro version of the DWQA, I really don’t know if it will cause another or rather, any problem. I tried to find DWQA authorities to make sure if it will not make the site problematic, but I couldn’t contact them. Can you please help me to find out more about this?
Best regards, 

1 Answers
answered 10 months ago

I have checked in our local and the plugin still work fine. Also, all the extensions of the DW Q&A plugin has included in the pro version.
If you using the pro version have any issues, you can let me know, we will check and help you resolve it.

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