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Hi there,
1. we want to change from Joomla to WordPress. At the moment we use EasyDiscuss from Stackideas. Do you offer a migration script by chance?
2. is it possible to create subcategories?
3. are there different manager accounts that we can use? We have a separate manager for each category.
4) Is it possible to select which category the latest posts are from in the widget for displaying the latest posts?
5. can normal users get different badges? We have users who are treated as VIPs and this should also be visible.
6. is it possible for users who are not registered to ask a question, but this will only be published once they register?
7. is it possible to display an introductory text on the overview? So not only the title and the meta information, who wrote and answered the question and the category, but also an introduction to the question?

1 Answers
answered 2 years ago

1. At the moment, the plugin does not support to migration the data from the Joomla to WordPress.
2. Yes, the plugin has supported to create the subcategories.
3. The plugin has supported to admin manage all.
4. The plugin does not support to select categories display in widget as you mentioned here.
5. The plugin does not support Badge.
6. The user not registered can submit question and answer. However, the plugin does not support published once they register.
7. At the moment, the plugin does not support this option. However, we can help you custom the plugin to show the content as you mentioned here.

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