asked 6 years ago

Dear Mr/Mrs,
I write to you about one of your WordPress templates.
In our company we are thinking about buying it, but we need better performance for user accessible,
among others possibilities of using the page with navigation by keyboard, voice readers, or text browsers.
We are thinking about change structure of html on some widgets like:

  • FAQ widget on main page
  • search panel (we want use search with autocomplete on every pages from “Knowledge base”)

For FAQ we need aria-tags added, change html structure – ( add links inside li )
Similar changes are needed for search.

Can we the discussed plugins change in this way?
Will it be simple, or more complicated ?

Maybe you have an alternative plugins, with these solutions ?
How was with update theme ?
If we introduce these changes, will be overridden after update ?
Have you checked the theme usability on text browsers ?

(If possible, please reply quickly)

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