Claudia Hetz
asked 8 years ago

I need to add links to the WSIWIG editor but it seems that the way tinyMCE is setup it does not allow links as the buttons are filtered out or disabled, and also it does not accept types HTML tags…this seems like a pretty simple thing to adjust I have just not been able to get it working. Any suggestions…BTW I Think this should be default behavior… HTML links should be enabled, and links especially for submitting images or even Youtube videos should be enabled,

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Well i’m not sure about what you want but i think you want to config the tinyMce. In DWQA we just use function wp_editor and pass an options array to tinyMCE
You can read more here :
And add array like this :

'tinymce'=> array(
                 'toolbar1'=> 'bold,italic,underline,bullist,numlist,link,unlink,forecolor,undo,redo'

or you want to know about the tinymce of DWQA you can go to inc\actions.php go to line 782->813

that function dwqa_init_tinymce_editor() is the tinymce of dwqa

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