Thierry Veera
asked 10 years ago

Hi DW community,
I bought the DW Focus template for a new website and I’m so amazed by the quality of the product.
However, I would like to know whether there are some 3rd-party plugins you could advise on (ones DW or anyone else have used and working perfectly with the theme).
Thank you

2 Answers
well wisher
answered 10 years ago

What’s your requirement i mean the kinda functionality you want to expand using the plugins,only then community would be able to help coz there are whole lot of plugins available in the wordpress directory which are compatible to one of the awesome theme from designwall you are using

answered 10 years ago

Hope that you are well today. Technically, our DW Focus theme is compatible with most of the WordPress plugins, but NOT ALL. Many users using the theme are very happy with the DW Focus theme when they have combined with other WordPress plugins.
There are two plugins by DesignWall team and they are fully compatible with the theme, you can take a look at:
1. DW Twitter: Allow you to collect automatically tweets from your Twitter according to your taste.
2. DW Question & Answer: Allow you to build the question & answer site like Yahoo, Quora site.
Hope this helps!

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