Hung Dinh
asked 9 years ago

Hello Everyone,
This is my very first, but very important question. It may change the way our Q&A community evolves in the next few years.
I’m Hung Dinh – the CEO of JoomlArt and I have been in the open source business (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on) for more than 10 years. For over the past 16 months, I have been helping the DesignWall team, especially Jin Jackie, in themes & plugins development to make sure our team is delivering great products and the top-notch support to our users.

The idea of “Anything WordPress” 
DW Question and Answer has been the Support place for DW users to ask and discuss ’bout DW products. This year, we have the ambition to grow the community even bigger and DW will be a place for “anything WordPress”.

What is it about?

“Anything WordPress” will be a new Category under the Q&A page where anyone can post any question about anything in WordPress.

This is not an easy mission as WordPress is superb popular and there are hundred of communities & thousand experts can almost simultaneously provide answers as we do.

Then, why do we still want to do this?

1. We believe in what we do, and we work hard to archive it

2. We are not trying to invent the wheel or be competitive. We are here to lend a helping hand.

3. We would love to share and help as much as learn from others. We believe in sharing knowledge is the most respectful and quickest way of learning.

In order to accomplish this mission, we need YOU.

You’re invited

We would like to invite YOU to be a part of this “Anything WordPress” mission. Are you in?

So what is your question?

Your advice and suggestion on how to use this Q&A system to build a stronger WordPress community are highly appreciated.

Last, but not least

In return of your contributions, I would like to offer a LIFETIME Membership with the access to all the projects to whoever make its to be the Top answer of my question. I also would like to offer a 1 year Membership to all the participants in this question.

PS: Our production team is working on upgrading DW system in which will support Membership base management. Est. time of this update will be effective in late March.

replied 9 years ago

Hi Hung,
Its quite a few months since I last spoke to you! Since you have come up with your new design and website relaunch, I was wondering if it is time to claim the lifetime membership 😉
Just need to work on a project and this will come absolutely handy!
Best regards,

replied 9 years ago

Hi Guru,
Glad to hear back from you 🙂
Yes it is indeed about time to go Membership at DesignWall. We are working on the Membership plan and as well as the $tone system. We will soon have official announcement and as well we will contact you regarding your Lifetime membership 🙂

replied 9 years ago

Thanks alot Jin for the feedback. Luv the new design and every thing looks almost new. Good Job!

I am desperately looking for a theme for one of my websites, and have been waiting for my membership 🙂

What are my options, as I am really desperate now 🙁

replied 9 years ago

@jin any update on my issue 🙂

4 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Well @admin you certainly have put forward a very nice idea with a gracious gesture for the free by’s that the chosen answer would get.
But I think offering the DWQA plugin for free is the start of this process. As I already see users like me post questions mainly related to your products, but what is nice is that not only the staff provide answers, many a time answers are provided by other users who might not be as expert as your staff but the whole community helps each other which is great and fantastic. As far as this platform is concerned I think its a great initiative and the DesignWall community along with the larger user base for WordPress will love to indulge themselves, as this is a fantastic way of self learning and sharing the knowledge with others in the same shoes one’s self.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this diverse and thriving community and would like to see it grow phenomenally so that we can make a difference out there.
On a personal note, I would really like to see the DWQA plugin to have the following features:
1. I am positive DWQA would enjoy great success with the integration of facebook comments in its comments area.
2. I see almost every one is impressed with your implementation of the DWQA plugin which looks great. Everyone here wants to be able to get DWQA to work with Buddypress seemlessly like on your website. With features of an Experts listing, porfile page and activity pages. I am even willing to pay to get functionality like that.
And lastly I would thank you again for providing such a great and fantastic service free of charge.
God bless you!

Hung Dinh
replied 9 years ago

Thank you Guru for your speedy answer and your willingness to being a "part of this diverse and thriving community". Yes, let's make a difference here!

About your 2 questions, I would love to answer as follows

1. Facebook comment won't be a big deal, I already talked with our production team, however I would like to have following questions

1a.. How the Facebook comment will work? Will it be used to comment to questions and answers or it can be used for both comment and answers. The first option still makes a sense, I don't think the second option works: a) it is so ugly b) it is going to break the design of vote up, vote down….

1b. You already logged in to be able to comment, why do we need to use FB to comment anymore? I know FB allow the comment activities to be shared on FB, but I don't see people do it either.

Even the design, UX of things may be broken if you mix FB comment to the platform. If you notice, FB comments are popular used in blog, magazine because the webmasters want to save time for reader, removing the registration because almost everyone has already a FB account nowadays

As an alternative to this feature, I think implementing a FB share feature for the question after the author post his question is a more interesting idea.

2. We do some custom development for our own Q&A features. Adding "as many features as possible" is not the right philosophy of a great piece of software, we should keep the core simple, stable but extensible and ready to be compatible with other plugins.
We are aware of many requests to work seamlessly with BBPress, BuddyPress, yes we are on it, but we are on the plan to provide such integration via add-ons, it will take another 🙂

Guru Ghantaal
replied 9 years ago

Hi Hung,

Thanks for your quick response! I see that you have updated DWQA to v 1.2.0. And your own implementation of this plugin has changed which would invite further envy from less technical users like me. And more people will request similar functionality!

Now when I asked for the Facebook Comments, I meant comments only for the comments section on the question and answers. Users need not post questions via facebook comments.

I gave your reply a thought, and actually implemented facebook comments: Here’s how it looks:

The whole idea I had was to make it easier for users to post comments that could be linked to a facebook page or group!

After testing it, it does make it a bit messier and I now agree with you that to keep the design simple and clean it would be best if we had a facebook share button.

I am anxiously looking forward to the BBPresss, BuddyPress integration add-ons.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my answer earlier is a clean and customisable points and rewards system for DWQA.

There a number of ways this can be done.
1. Points Awards

i. One would be to award points to users who answer questions.

ii. There should be extra points for the first answer

iii. The person who’s answer gets selected as best answer should be awarded even more points.

iv. (I am giving you this million dolor idea free of charge 😉 ) The best answer author should be awarded by giving them the author status via the Google authorship tag. This would be great incentive for expert authors/contributors to participate.

2. Payment

i. As the name suggest, this would need integration with a payment system such as Paypal where Experts can charge a fee for an answer in private mode. This is just a thought but we can deliberate on it further if need be.

And lastly I would appreciate if the admins would reply to some of my other questions that are still pending even though many days have passed by, I take they were busy with other technical tasks!


replied 9 years ago

@Guru Ghantaal

Inspired by your idea, our team has started to experiment the integration of mycred credit system from into our own Q&A version. Now you will already see the $tones in your member area. I will come up with a blog post about it tomorrow. Stay tuned Bro

About the Payment idea, I think it is better to implement via an independent plugins. We are getting to the stage where we will iron the code so that other developers can provide some add-ons for the Q&A plugin

Guru Ghantaal
replied 9 years ago

This is fantastic news, I am very excited and looking forward to the development.

Cheerios 🙂

answered 9 years ago

Hello Hung, As you said there are many community already which are focused to WordPress, well I agree with that but which I can’t, is that not many of them are question answer based like DW & not most of them are made by the developers, for the developers. So yes, if you are willing to make this new venture, then it’s always welcome. We all love to browse to DW for its simple, easy but yet unique Design. 🙂 As for the monetization part comes there’s always a great value when it comes to a community with great content. Also half of them will be user generated so things will be kind of in auto pilot. When you have an active community with vast amount of resource then you can start accepting ads & easily draw that 5-6 figure cheque from it 🙂 As you said that new subscription is coming you can start a section where you can provide premium hands on WordPress support for the newbies who don’t have any idea on it. More over when you have good amount of content you will get more & more visitors who will become users apparently like me. 🙂 These are some for the profit thing, but as all we need to do something for the humanity, then let’s start by sharing freedom of knowledge & love <3 :* Well I already shared some of my ideas before which I saw got integrated 🙂 & will continue sharing. So then what the hell you are waiting for?? Close this question (& give me my membership) & start doing what it’s meant to be done. Love you all in the DW Team (Jin & Carol specially 😉 Anik

replied 9 years ago

Hello Feriox,

I am so happy to see so many smiling icon on your post. I would love to see you around helping us “sharing freedom of knowledge & love <3"

Feirox HD
replied 9 years ago

Yup, When I get time I always visit Q&A to see if it needs any question, but recently got some personal problems and health issues so I was not very regular. I will try my best to enrich the community with whatever skill I have. 🙂
Will love to see a continuous Development.
Without any doubt, it’s the best Q&A plug for wp so far.

harsh deshmukh
answered 9 years ago

I love DW Q&A and had great experience, to work with. The way I have got my questions answered from your team is really appreciated.  I would love to share my ideas and en-ovations with team to grow it higher and higher.. 🙂
I would like to highlight below points once again,That I personally feel that this plugin must have:
1.Adding email recipient other than administrator.
I have discussed about it in detail in below thread.

How to add the email recipient other than administrator.

2.Image attachment feature:

Image attachment feature

Finally I would like to say, this is the super job you guys have done to develop such an amazing  plugin like DW Q&A. Hope millions will get advantage of this great work.We will  always  there with you guys  to grow the platform of open source at any extent. 🙂

replied 9 years ago

Hi Harsh,
Thank you very much for your compliments. It inspires and encourages. About your 2 suggestions:

1. Yes, It is a nice one, but it is more for administration/moderation. When talking about notification, I would prefer look things from users’ point of views.

It will make more sense by implementing Follow/Watch Categories and people who follow/watch a category/tag will be notified one a question is posted into that category or a question with that tag is posted. So if you want a contributor to be notified, you can ask them follow all or certain categories/tags

As admin/mods, if you want to be notified about all activities, just follow all of categories or tags

2. Image attachments is more a feature of Editor. In fact, by default the editor has image attachment enable, we disable it for security reason. If you really want it, we can have a quick guide how to do it.

I will ask my support hero to provide a guide for you via this thread tomorrow.

harsh deshmukh
replied 9 years ago

Hi HD,

Thanks for you suggestions.
For 1st. I will look into how does following a tag or categories really works.


Hung Dinh
answered 9 years ago

We have done a few tweaks to our own version of Q&A. Check out the details at my post

Guru Ghantaal
replied 9 years ago

Hi @hung It is a great Post and love the changes, I have put the rest of my comment in the post itself!

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