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Browser check – IE 9 / IE 9, please? bsa.therepubl

Can someone with IE 9 or 10 please look at our DW Focus site? bsa.therepublik.net

Our client says the sidebar is missing, and we can’t reproduce the issue on our Virtual PC IE simulator (We only have Macs)

I’ve asked this question is an earlier post:



I got no replies, so I’m starting a new thread.




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I checked your site (bsa.therepublik.net) on IE 9, 10 and on Windows 7 and it still runs correctly with the sidebar on the right.

On IE8, the sidebar is placed on the bottom of the screen is reason why your site has issues, I’m afraid that some widgets in the sidebar are missing a div element to close (see the attachment image). The sidebar (id=”secondary “) should be displayed outside the main content (id=”primary”).
I think you should disable the widgets in sidebar one by one to check if the problem is solved.

Also, the default sidebar width is 230px, not 400px, Please open wp-content/themes/dw-focus/assets/css/template.css and search the following code:

.span3 {

change it to:

.span3 {

I hope the above solutions can help you, please let me know if you still face that.


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