asked 11 years ago


I purchased the DW Focus theme under an impression that I will be supported by the team, if anything goes wrong. But I am waiting since last 6 days to get my issues resolved. No one from your team has replied to any of the question. Even the emails sent were left unanswered.

And I have no qualms to say that your support is awful. Should you charge $49 every 6 months for this kind of support?

Per you support policy -“…We will then provide our feedback in the next 48hrs.”


If my queries are not resolved today, please refund $49 into my account which was made against the purchase.



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Murat Tekmen
answered 11 years ago

Count me in for this, we want better support for themes and if not, please refund our money. I am trying to get help from the freelance coders and paying them to fix this theme errors. 🙁

answered 11 years ago

Dear Mike and Murat,

Sorry for the delay in our support.
The delay in our support and answer in the past few days was due to our long holiday (from 30th May to 2nd June). Our mistake not to notify all of you about this long holiday.
We totally understand your frustration when facing issues and problems. Our themes are not perfect yet and we are improving everyday thanks to your posted issues and feedback. We sincerely appreciate it. However, on the other hand, please stand in our shoes. We receive quite a number of questions and tickets everyday, and it takes time to reply to all. Giving answer back and forward immediately to each user is impossible.
Furthermore, our Question page is open discussion and please join us contribute to the discussion and maybe with more answers from different aspect, we learn from each other and help each other to improve.

answered 11 years ago

Hi Jin,

I would appreciate if you can fix critical ones such title issues, date issues and breadcrumb issues first today. You can then look into the cosmetic stuff.



Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

Dear Mike,
Sadly that even though we have tried our best to support you and answer all your questions, but everything seems to be on fire for you and it was hard to corporate with us in solving the issues. We have issued the refund and you will receive the money back soon.
We didn’t expect this outcome, however we have to close your case.


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