asked 4 years ago

I am very interested in your plugin, but before I buy it I need to know if it fulfills my needs.
(Excuse my poor English)

I have a Genesis theme, with about 20 plugins, and I need to add an “Ask the expert”, with only one expert answering the questions.

  • Only registered members can place questions
  • Only show answered questions.
  • I need the Expert to be able to log in an access ONLY the questions to answer. Maybe with a new profile like “expert”
  • UltimateMember integration
  • Integrate with YOAST to edit description, etc

and the usual, social buttons, structured data, etc.
Can I have all these with your plugin?

3 Answers
answered 4 years ago

Thank for your interesting in our product. 
– The plugin has supported only registered members can answer questions.
– At the moment, the plugin does not support to show answered questions as you wish.
– You can configure the permission to allow answer the question or not.
– Yes, the plugin integration with the UltimateMember and YOAST SEO plugin.

Pablo Carosone
answered 4 years ago

I have already bought Q&A Pro, and I need some help editing the template.
In order to make a simple Ask the expert, I need to hide all the items in red.
Thanks you!

answered 4 years ago

You can add the following code to hide the items in red. 

.dwqa-questions-list .dwqa-question-item .dwqa-question-stats, 
.dwqa-answer-vote .dwqa-vote, .dwqa-question-vote,
.dwqa-question-filter, .dwqa-answer-item .avatar {
     display: none;

About the number answer, you can create dwqa-templates folder in your theme folder and go to the wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer-pro/templates/styles/default. Copy/paste the answer.php into the dwqa-templates folder then open this file , find the following code:

<div class="dwqa-answers-title"><?php printf( __( '%s Answers', 'dwqa' ), dwqa_question_answers_count( get_the_ID() ) ) ?></div>


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