Daniel Kanda
asked 8 years ago

On your wordpress theme, on your right side, you have listed “page 1” “page2” and so on. When clicked on “page 1” it automatically scrolls to the first page. We are trying to create a blog that will have a timeline go on for years to come. Would it be possible for “page 1” to represent “year 2014” and then once you click to “year 2014” it takes you to all 12 months. so instead of the “page 1” representing a year it will now represent “month 1” and “page 2” will represent “month 2” and so on. and then add a “back” button so the “month 1 (January)” turns back to “year 2014”.  
Check out this link to further explain what I am trying to explain: http://imgur.com/L7ft4de

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Unfortunately, DWW Focus does not support this issue.

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