Blue Presley
asked 10 years ago

I appreciate the great theme, but the main.css file is compressed / minified, and EVERYTHING is on line 25. I’ve been trying for a week to work with this, but it’s just not possible, and there are no tools online that can properly remove the minification.
Can I please have the un-minified version of the dw-minion css?
PS this is causing me and my team to tear our hair out.  Can you not include a copy of the css and other minified files in an unminified way in your themes so that other developers can more easily manipulate it?

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

We have developed the theme using LESS language, then convert it to CSS and start running. You can try LESS language ( to continue developing the theme as you want. However, we strongly recommend you create a child theme and customize that child theme. This thing will help you avoid losing your custom code when you update the theme.

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