Marko Jaric
asked 11 years ago

It is currently showing the original Business, Entertainment, Hi-Tech, etc., but I want it to show my category names.

2 Answers
Marko Jaric
answered 11 years ago

This appears to be related to my question above, in that I cannot edit any widgets in 1.0.4.  Solving that will likely allow me to change my footer menu names.

answered 11 years ago

Hi David, 
Currently we are updating our themes to be fully compatible with WP 3.8. Will let you know when DW Focus theme is done (maybe in this weekend), then you can simply download the theme and install it again.
Also, If you want to change Custom Menu Name in Footer Sidebar of the DW Focus theme. You can log in to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Add the Custom Menu widget to the Footer Sidebar 1 -> Footer Sidebar 4
See the screenshot:

Hope this helps!

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