Maurice Seir
asked 4 years ago

Hey there,
we want to use your question and answer plugin for some people in quarantine. 
They can start a question and ask for some food for example. 
A person can answer on this question and say, yes I can go to buy you some food, what do you need.
The first problem is, that I can just use 1 sender email, but I have more than 1 person, how answer the questions. How can I make an individually sender email for every user?
The second problem is, when I say, all users with the permission author can read answer, but they just need to read the their own question, not the other one. Is it possible to make this permisson?
Thank you for your answer. 

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

1/ At the moment, you can use the anonymous user can submit question. just provide email and username to submit question or you can allow user can register to submit question.

2/ At the moment, the plugin does not support to configure the permission as you mentioned here. However, I think we can disable the publish option when submit a question and all the question when submit is the private and only author, admin can view/post this question.

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