Georg Engebakken
asked 8 years ago

I have set up the team just like the demo template. What I am trying to achieve is to have my shop page be my homepage, but this is difficult since my storepage is a “WordPress Post Type Archive Link” like in the tutorial, so there is no page to link to in the theme settings. This is the site: 

I have a custom front page to the site, so the only time this problem occur is when I click the logo, so an acceptable workaround would be to change the default hyperlink on the logo itself. which I haven’t been able to find in the editor.

Another issue I would love to find a solution to is when an item is free in the store. is there a way for the price tag to say Free, instead of 0,0$?

Hope you can help me out with these issues.

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

 At the moment, DW Argo does not support to display the Shop page on the Home page. Regarding the Logo issue, you can tell me detail about this issue, please send me a screenshot & your site for further checking.
Also, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin does not support to create an item is Free in the shop page as you want, it will only possible display is 0,0$.
Hope this helps !

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