Jimmy Lieu
asked 7 years ago

How can I change it from:

2 Answers
answered 7 years ago

I know what you want. Currently, the plugin does not support to change the URL address as you mentioned here. However, I sent and notified our technical team about this problem. We are planning to update and make a option to change the permalink for the plugin. We will release it as soon as possible.

replied 6 years ago

Sadly, I just installed and uninstalled your KB. I don’t think I’ve ever been forced to use a brand name for a plugin developer in my path. It makes no sense whatsoever and I believe you’re doing a disservice to your brand. It’s a beautiful plugin but, I need seo and customer perception to focus on my brand, not the theme or plugins I use.

I hope you understand and I certainly appreciate all the work you have done.


Jimmy Lieu
replied 6 years ago

Yes, sadly I did the same. I’m a webmaster for an enterprise company, and having dwkb was unprofessional for us. Sadly, we had to use another system for our KB.

answered 6 years ago

Thanks for contacting us.

We understand your uncomfortable feelings when it’s currently impossible to change the link. DesignWall has been trying to improve this issue in the later version. We are sure that there will be an option for clients to change the link. Apologies for this inconvenience.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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