aamir hussain
asked 10 years ago

Hello DW Support,
I really like your Question & Answers plugin and I am having a closer look on features, layout and new updates.
Today I upgraded the plugin to new Version 1.2.9 and noticed that the layout for the Question page has been changed. Question meta information which was previously into footer of the Question contents now it has moved at top of the question.
I really like your previous look and layout of question template, as The question heading was more clear and even question meta, categories and other stuff was more visible in the footer of the question page.
could you tell me a simple and shortcut way how I can get that layout into upgraded plugin?
Once again thanks for such an awesome plugin.

aamir hussain
replied 10 years ago

Still waiting to hear back. I hope someone can respond to this question.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

To resolve the issue, please go to the following link to compare the changes  between two versions and know more details about the latest version 1.2.9 : https://github.com/designwall/dw-question-answer/compare/1.2.8…1.2.9.
Note If you want to download the version 1.2.8, you can download here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/dw-question-answer/developers/

aamir hussain
replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the info, this is exactly what I wanted.

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