Nico Pagel
asked 10 years ago

I want to build a community with my site and it woud be pretty awesome to enable non registered members the feature to choose their own password while asking a question. So in my opinion there should be a “set password field” while registering on the “ask question form”. Also there is a problem while submitting wrong login data. The whole site refreshed if there was a wrong password or username put in and the question infos completely disapper so you have to put them in again.

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Currently, the DW Question & Answer doesn’t yet support the feature as you mentioned because WordPress doesn’t send password in registration email by default.
Please let us know if you use other register/login system besides WordPress default login system. And if it supports to enter password or not?
Like for DesignWall site, we let users redirect to the login/register function (of course, we customized some fields) before submitting a new question.

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