Alanna Bailey
asked 10 years ago

Hi I am also having problems after updating to 4.0. I can create a co author but their photo image doesn’t show up and when I select them to be the ‘author’ of a post, nothing shows up on the front end. This is really Important. Please help asap?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

To resolve this issue, you can use the  WP User Avatar plugin. Please find plugin here:
Hope this helps !

Alanna Bailey
replied 10 years ago

Wait this is for an Avatar, not adding a Co Author… can you advise? Also someone from DW emailed me saying to update my DW Focus theme to the latest version which is 1.0.8 (which is supposed to help), however have not told me where I’m supposed to get that… It doesn’t show up anywhere for updating. Can you please help with this?

Alanna Bailey
replied 10 years ago

Yeah so the format of this doesn’t work with the rest of the site, it adds authors but doesn’t look right and doesn’t allow me to then remove one so they are the only author (the guest). I need it to work and look like it does in the demo. Have you updated the system yet?

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

I have helped you on your question via email. Please check your email.Regards,

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