Terri Holley
asked 10 years ago

I am noticing a lot of people are commenting on a question rather than answering it.  I think the reason is the comment section is right below the question and a lot of people are missing the Answers editor.  Do you have any suggestions or can this be reviewed for a future update?  For example, one of my questions has 5 answers (all in the comment section) but on the Questions page it only shows up as 1 answer (this person put their answer in the right place)  If there is a way to move the comments to the Answers section, that would work too.  Thanks!

replied 10 years ago

Hi Terri, i need it too, if found any way please write here. i hope next dw qa version have like this function.. + if someone can do like this please tell how can we do? @dominic @bighug @guru have any idea?

Terri Holley
replied 10 years ago

Hi Dumann,

I just turned off the comments for each question, but this has to be done manually. Would be nice if having them off was the default.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Dear Terri,
I understand the problem and the frustration webmasters can have with this. Its common sense which people seem to miss. After all common sense is abit less common.
If you turned the comments off altogether will it solve the problem for you? 

Terri Holley
replied 10 years ago

Yes, I turned them off but this needs to be done manually for each question.

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