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Hi, we bough Focus latest version (I velieve 1.0.3) for WordPress 3.5.2. Is it possible to use one of the built in Focus widgets to server as a youtube gallery for our front page, as described below. We saw that some of the Focus widgets can read posts of “video” type, but we don’t want to convert our 60 youtube videos on our channel to wordpress posts. (i.e. most of our videos exist only on our channel, we’ve never created wordpress posts for them). We’d like the widget to take its selection from the most recent 4 or 6 videos on our youtube channel, automatically. Without having to post every video to wordpress manually.
What we want is to display a single row of 4-6 youtube thumbnails, each about 220×170 size; and when each is clicked, a 640×480 size youtube window pops up over them and shows the video.
What we’d like is something like this plugin
but it has several shortcomings – it looks different than all the other focus widgets on our front page, and it doesn’t do exactly what we’d like – it either has the player turned on and on top of the thumbnails or has it disabled with just the thumbnails appearing.
Many thanks

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Hello Hr ! 
Thanks for your purchase, however at the moment DW Focus does not support video gallery as you said. Maybe you try third party plugins.
Also, please download the latest version 1.0.6 of the DW Focus theme.
Hope this helps !

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