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Hi, Dominic. I have asked this question many times but you never provide a workable answer. I am guessing it is a language issue. Can you get someone to translate it so you can understand it and answer it properly?

I have bought DesignWall. It is a very clever and useful theme. Like many other WP designers, I want to use custom templates so I can present content how I want to. This is very common with WordPress and what makes it so powerful.

As recommended by WordPress, I have created a child theme and added my own stylesheet (style.css) and also copied the blog template across to my child theme so I can modify both layout and content, while still allowing any of your theme updates to work.

My theme has a number of editors who write posts. They will want to log-in to see what comments these posts have received.

What I want to do specifically is give the author the ability to display their own posts when they login. To do this, I assume they will require a custom page template that uses a WP-Query to return their own posts only. I have called this template author-blog.

However, I can’t seem to be able to create any custom templates that work. Every time I use an existing template and rename it, even though it appears in the WP editor, it will not return any content.

Can I ask why my templates don’t work as they should and what do I have to do to add a query to automatically show a logged-in user’s posts?

You advised me to create a custom field with a name of: query_args

And a value of: author=8&posts_per_page=5

That will not work at all and even if it did, I would have to manually add the author code by hand for each author.

I currently have a page set up using my custom template. I have changed no page code, apart from the template name, but it doesn’t work. Here it is: http://www.wall4wishes.com/world-of-wishes/my-wishes

As you can see, it is returning no content as it is not automatically calling the author’s content.

In summary, what I want is a page that returns the same content that displays when you click the author name on a post.

Thanks for your help!


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Dear zenstrategist !

DesignWall Office will be closed on from August 31st, 2013 to Sep 2nd, 2013 as an extended weekend off. Support will be closed as well, we will resume normal activities on Sep 3rd, 2013.


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