Geir Fjærli
asked 11 years ago

Hi. Are the original CSS files for Focus available? I do have software that can “unminify” the compressed ones, but it may be better to work with the originals.

TIA, Geir 🙂

3 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Of course,  the original CSS files for Focus are available . You can customize in template.css file & style.css file.


Geir Fjærli
replied 11 years ago

I know they are available in the installation files, but they are “compressed” (line breaks and formatting removed) to make them load faster, which makes them hard to read and edit. (Unless there are versions somewhere I haven’t seen.) What I mean by “original” is files with the formatting still intact.

pericles m. kramer
answered 11 years ago

hi, I want the original css, with available too.

Jackie Lord
answered 11 years ago

We are using LESS to develop this theme (Then convert to CSS). You can see the LESS file inside assets/less/ folder

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