Alon Israeli
asked 4 years ago

hello: i am a paying customer. licence : 74d9a7a7-28a4-4228-bc7e-a0842eeed5fe
i have a few questions

  1. can i remove views from the main Q&A page – i wouldnt like users to see the amount of view
  2. Can I change text or layout of the quesion page ? it is blank and i want to tell users what kind of questions they can ask
  3. can i post a question via a popup (inside a popup ?


1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

1, You can use the following code to hide the View count: 

.dwqa-questions-list .dwqa-question-item .dwqa-question-stats > span.dwqa-views-count {
      display: none;

2/ At the moment, you can custom the layout and style of the ask question form, you can open the question-submit-form.php file.
3/ At the moment, the plugin does not support to post a question via a popup. However, you can use the following shortcode: [dwqa-submit-question-form]
Then use the popup plugin or some custom code to show the ask question form in a popup. 

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