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Hi,One more question about DWQA pro.I have a WordPress website which is working with bbPress. My client asked me if it is possible to \”convert\” their bbPress forum to a DWQA site.I\’m thinking about do SQL replacements in the post table. Something like:
UPDATE `prefix_posts` SET `post_type` = REPLACE( `post_type` , \'topic\', \'dwqa-question\' );UPDATE `prefix_posts` SET `post_type` = REPLACE( `post_type` , \'reply\', \'dwqa-answer\' );
But I\’m not sure if there is anything can be missing by above code. Do you have any suggestion about this? I will do it myself, just need some suggestion from your tech/support team. Thank you in advance!

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answered 6 years ago

You can use the following plugin:
or here:

answered 6 years ago

Hi Dominic,
Just want to give you an update.
This plugin – my-bbpress-to-dw-qa-converter has not be updated for so long and it reports PHP error, does not work at first time.
I had to did a lot of extra work, including commit out the error PHP lines, fix some paras in some function…. Luckily most of it’s functions are good and I finally got it worked on my site. Now I closed my bbPress and runing DWQA for my client.
Thank you!

Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

Congratulations! We will check this plugin. If you can let me know all the files or code that you have fixed, we will contact the author of the plugin to update the plugin. Thanks.

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