Daniel Weller
asked 8 years ago

I like your included search bar and I would really like for it to pull an excerpt from my question and display that instead of a title when searching. My question has no title and therefore I currently see a blank box when I use the provided search functionality. 
I think it has something to do with the file: /dw-question-answer/inc/templates/default/assets/js/dwqa-questions-list.js

On lines 165 – 170

.done(function(resp) {
if (resp.success) {
if (history.pushState)
window.history.pushState(null, document.title, resp.data.url);

it looks like you are grabbing the title for the search.
Later on line 412 + 425, it looks like the results of the search are being inputted.
line 412

 $results = '<ul>' + resp.data.html + '</ul>';


t.after('<div class="search-results-suggest">' + $results + '</div>');

I could be looking in the wrong spot, can you help guide me?

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Unfortunately, our DW Q&A plugin does not support to make show question content in search instead of title.

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