asked 7 years ago

Currently, when using the general dwqa shortcode for listing questions, [dwqa-list-questions], I get a list that looks very, well dead, already archived, mechanical.
No intention to degrade your plugin, it is great! And, I am sure if you are trying to make a git-hub / so many other type of Q&A, it is perfect. But as part of a community forum, this part doesn’t feel very communal or relational.

I am hoping there is some shortcode or easy way to modify this so that the questions list with some of their content. Not just a list of titles and stats.

Is there shortcode for this, or is there something I am missing in the settings?

Thank you so much for this plugin and for your time in responding to this question 😀

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

At the moment, the plugin does not support to display the question with some excerpt text. However, if you want to show the excerpt text under the question title on the question list page, I can help you resolve this issue with some custom code.

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