asked 6 years ago

I am sorry. I am tired of waiting and waiting. But does the livechat help at DesignWall and Pagebold is even working?
No matter when I logged in, I still don’t get any response, even via email. Owh..it mentioned in Pagebold that the primary support channels are via Q&A and Livechat, but Pagebold website does not even have a Livechat there. 

I posted via the Q&A page, but the questions got moderated until now. 
I turn to the livechat at Designwall, but the questions just sent but not seen until now.

I am having technical issues now, how am I suppose to get support from you guys?????

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answered 6 years ago

Yes, we have some issue with our system. Now, you can submit your question to the live chat or this forum. However, If you have any issue or question about the Builder of the PageBold, you should go to the: https://www.pagebold.com/questions/
If you have any issue or question about the theme or plugins of the DesignWall, you can let me know detail about it. I will check and help you resolve it.

replied 6 years ago

The problem is there are still no answer from pagebold team! They just publish the question to the forum and no reply?????

This is serious problem and I really need help from your customer support now. It has been days!

Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

I will help you check with the support team of the PageBold. Don’t worry about that. I think your question will be resolved in the today.

replied 6 years ago

Is this how I am suppose to get attention from you? After so many days i posted to get support at Pagebold, no one is replying or even approved my question there? I must come to Designwall to get your attention??

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