Michael Drobnis
asked 5 years ago

I have sent in a couple of emails and have not received any responses so I am hoping to get a response here in the next day or two before having to find another theme elsewhere and cancel this order.  
The issues are as follows:
Well first thing is the demo content which seems to be broken, and I don’t see any DW or theme related settings in the Dashboard. So no where to add licence for example like I see in screenshot on Design Wall examples.  There is also no guide anywhere on this site for DW Events?
Questions I am asking:

  1. Does the theme eme need the classic editor active? or it works as normal with Gutenberg. 
  2. When Activating the theme I got the prompt to install the “Unyson” plugin, which then give lots of options for different addon’s, which should I activate to get the setup for DW Events theme.
  3. What I did was add the “Back up & Demo content” add on, and run it to show me the DW events demo as option to import, which like said above is broken (Gutenberg related? or not). Should the demo pull all of the needed add-ons? or should they be active before importing the demo content?

Please advise ASAP!

1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

Please send me username & password of your site for further checking, we will help you resolve this issue now.

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