Lisa Judkins
asked 10 years ago

What are my options for editing the blogs layout without knowing too much coding?  I don’t like the info to the left of the blog (i.e. icon, date, take off comment count)…
Is there any way to change this info to authors picture? and a few details (i.e. date, name…)

Lisa Judkins
replied 10 years ago
1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

At the moment, you just possible use the code to resolve this issue, you can add the following code to the style.css file:

[class*="template-blog"] .content-inner .icon-post-format { display: none; }
.right-sidebar[class*="template-blog"] .content-inner .entry-meta-top { display: none; }
[class*="template-blog"] .content-inner .entry-title a { color: #...; font-size: ...px; }
[class*="template-blog"] .content-inner .entry-content { color: #...; font-size: ...px; }


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